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We are aware that fees for legal activities can be prohibitively expensive, and play an important role in determining how far parties are prepared to engage in warring with each other.

They can be a deterrent to starting a case. Even if both parties want or need an adjudication, the costs would still be prohibitive.

Each case is different, as the amount in question does not necessarily equal the difficulty of the issue.

Striving for peace is a positive commandment which the Torah encourages . The ultimate aim of the Jewish adjudication process, is to bring justice, truth and peace into the world (Ethics of the Fathers 1:18).

This is what we at Jewish Arbitration want to achieve.

Once we have had an opportunity to discuss the case, we can provide you with an estimate of our fees. Please note that it is usual for the mediator’s or arbitrator’s fees to be split between the parties equally.

In an arbitration, the parties can agree who ultimately pays for all or part of the winning parties’ costs. This is covered in the Arbitration Agreement and will be discussed at the Preliminary Hearing.

That is why, to encourage the use of Jewish dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration, we are prepared to negotiate the costs, including a fixed fee arrangement, with the parties,  and also to take into account their financial positions.

Our standard fees should not deter you or your legal or other advisers from contacting us to discuss whether we can be of assistance to the parties.