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FAQs about Jewish Arbitration

Contents Doesn’t the arbitrator have to be a rabbi? Will civil law be taken into account? Can I force my opponent to Jewish Arbitration? Do the Arbitrators have to be expert in both Jewish and Civil law? Will there be an open and transparent process? Is this only for the...

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We are aware that fees for legal activities can be prohibitively expensive, and play an important role in determining how far parties are prepared to engage in warring with each other. They can be a deterrent to starting a case. Even if both parties want or need an adjudication, the costs...

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Justice, Truth and Peace

By Dov Silberman OMNIA DICTA FORTIORA SI DICTA LATINA “Everything sounds more impressive when said in Latin”. So to start this blog, here are three differing Latin legal maxims, with a little excursus on their history, each of which demonstrates a different approach to solving conflicts.  We then pose the...

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